Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

Classic Rock Instrumental PlaylistThe lyrics of Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin conjure up imagery of a ship full of cold-weather Vikings rowing across the sea in search of fields of green… which seems very appropriate for this winter and the so- called “polar vortex” we have been experiencing for months. Not only that, but Immigrant Song is just plain awesome, and I doubt I could have designed a better string-skipping exercise for guitar if I tried.

I have included a transcription of the guitar part as well a couple guitar karaoke tracks so you can practice playing along. One is about 3/4 speed so you can build up speed before playing along with full speed. Finally, there is a third one with me playing along so you can hear what it sounds like.

Immigrant Song (Sheet Music)

Immigrant Song (Guitar Karaoke)

Immigrant Song 3/4 Speed (Guitar Karaoke)

Immigrant Song with Dan playing along