Dan’s Guitar Studio Jam Party in December

The word “recital” has terrible connotations doesn’t it? High pressure for the performers, but cold, robotic and boring for the audience. That’s why in December, Dan’s Guitar Studio will be hosting its first JAM PARTY! – a time where all students and their friends/family are invited to Keys 4/4 Kids to perform (if your a student) as well as hear other students perform in a laid back, fun, supportive environment.

I’ve been helping students pick out songs that they would like to share at the Jam Party. I’ve also been making jam tracks for the songs that they select so they have some accompaniment while they perform. Here is a sample jam track for “Last Nite” by the Strokes that one of my pupils will be rocking out to.

I am encouraging all my students to attend because it is a great chance to get some performing experience and connect with other guitarists and hear what they have been working on – not to mention eat holiday snacks and refreshments. It should be a fun evening!