Jane Says by Jane’s Addiction

Jane Says Sheet Music/TAB

A student recently asked me to teach them this. “Jane Says” by Jane’s Addiction is an insanely catchy song with a cool guitar riff that is essentially just two chords (G and A) with a couple pull-offs to decorate the A chord.

Learning this song offers the chance to practice a couple of useful ways of playing G and A chords. Notice that the 5th-string is muted by your ring finger while playing the G-chord which frees up the index finger and allows it to more fluently transition to the A-chord which is played with only your index finger by laying it across the 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings and the 2nd fret. This allows your ring finger to easily reach the 4th fret for the pull-offs during the A-Chord. The chorus uses a similar index finger barre covering the 2nd and 3rd strings during the Gsus2add#11 (a fancy name for a simple modification of a G chord). Arrows are included in the sheet music to indicate the strumming pattern I recommend.


Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple

Smoke on the Water Sheet Music

This was one of my first guitar riffs (nostalgic tear runs down my cheek), and often it’s the first riff I give to my beginning guitar students as it combines maximum simplicity with maximum foot-stomping fun. Even if you are an intermediate or advanced player, Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple is a must-have for your repertoire as it is one of the most legendary rock guitar riffs of all time. So crank up your distortion, assume your power stance and get ready to rock out to this head-banging masterpiece.

I have tabbed it out in three progressively difficult forms which you can check out here.